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Your Photographer

Dawn Boertman, age 18. Passion? Photography and antiques!

I’m a freak, yes..but i have a passion for photography unmatched by any other and a drive to give you the best images I possible can. Photography for me is always fun; therefore, I will make sure that the experience is just as fun for you. Call me today: (231) 903.8337


Pic A Day, Noticing the World’s Quiet Beauty



Subtle Sparkles [3.14.11]
There are just some days where you can’t find the beauty in yourself…but the beauty in the world around you is highly prevalent.
The beauty on the inside is what really matters. Look around, You have beauty within your grasp this very instant.


The Calm [3.15.11]
Working at The Geek Group today, it’s a bit quiet around here.


Pipe Dreams [3.15.11]
Working at The Geek Group today, it’s a bit quiet around here. I love buildings that are under renovation, they have so much….life to them. You can be a part of their history.


A Different View [3.15.2011]

The best part of hanging out with computer nerds? Getting to play with broken, torn apart pieces of computers.


The Jitters [3.15.2011]

Somedays you just need a cup of coffee to get you through the day. There’s something special about a cup of coffee from a diner though, just makes it all the better.


Vacant Dreams [3.15.2011]

Rain makes empty parking lots all the more beautiful at night.


Oh, That Smile [3.15.2011]

Somedays….all you need is a smile to brighten your day. This guy’s smile always makes my days better. He’s pretty wonderful.

Also, The Grand Coney has the best food ever. Om, nom, nom.


Take a Second Look [3.15.2011]

Taking a second look at the world. Rediscovering the good and the beautiful – casting out the bad and the painful.

Went to The Grand Coney for some late night noms with Matt – He was driving, so I got to take pictures ^_^


Burning Past Bridges [3.16.2011]

The last step of breaking up and moving on – closure. I got my last piece of closure today, via fire.

I love how they ended up lying…They were not placed this way, this is just how they fell as they burned. Reminds you to see the beauty through the pain.








Dinosaur Lovers, UNITE!

A few days ago was National Dinosaur Lovers day, and I went with a fellow photographer, Joey Domina [ Sunshine Photography 49345 ] on a photo adventure throughout Cedar Springs and Rockford, Michigan. This was my favorite dinosaur shot of the day.

Aiming to make you smile, one picture at a time!