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INTRODUCING Kaylee Ann McCollum!!!

Introducing my first senior representative, class of 2012 – Miss Kaylee Ann McCollum!


Cunningham Family [Sneak]

I thought this sneak was an important one, for the young man in this picture was shipped out the day after our photoshoot – he was home on leave for Thanksgiving. I think one of my favorite parts of the photo shoot today had to be when an older couple stopped and shook his hand, and thanked him for his services…[more pictures to come soon!]



  1. Must have style, personality, enjoy being in front of the camera, and be ready for a photography adventure.
  2. Be a current high school junior graduating in 2012.
  3. Live in and attend school in: Muskegon, North Muskegon, or Grand Haven. If you would like to be a representative, but don’t live in one of these areas – contact me and we can discuss it.
  4. Be available to have one session completed before April 1st 2011.
  5. Agree to tell your friends and classmates about Sunday Morning photography and share your pictures with them.
  6. Have your parents or legal guardians sign a model release form.
  7. Agree to represent ONLY Sunday Morning Photography and use these images as part of your senior images.



Your session will be all about you. It will be a crazy, interesting, and fun experience meant to showcase you and who you are. We’re looking for variety and the ability to show off as many styles as possible. This is the time to show off your hobbies and interests. Don’t forget to bring props with you, such as your class ring, an instrument you play – you can even bring along your little sister if you like! Further details regarding the photo shoot will be discussed at your pre-shoot consultation. Please, MAKE SUGGESTIONS about clothing selections, poses, locations, props, anything regarding your photo shoot – I want this photo shoot to be personalized and all about you.



About 2-4 weeks after your final session, I will contact you to schedule an appointment to pick up your photo business cards [which entitle your classmates to a 10% discount off of their print orders] and personal album [which will contain approximately 30 prints from your shoot(s)].



Show off your personal album to everyone! Some people will like certain styles, and some will like others, this is why variety is going to be stressed in your shoot. As you show off your book to all of your friends, be sure to freely pass out your business cards. As you do, be sure to ask them to consider Sunday Morning Photography for their senior portrait experience. Be sure to tell everyone about how diverse my photography is, and the variety you receive when you choose Sunday Morning Photography. If they ask about the cost, just refer them to me – that’s the best part! But be sure that you stress the fact that you get what you pay for.

Remind your classmates how critical it is for them to bring in your photo business card with them when they come in for their session or pre-shoot consultation. Without the photo card, you don’t get the credit for their referral and they don’t get their discount. This is my way of knowing that you are doing a good job and evaluating the effectiveness of the student representative program.



  1. If you have a friend who has a scheduled session, suggest that your classmate bring a friend with them on the day of their photo shoot. It will help to put them at ease and increase their level of comfort. Also, friends always make photo shoots more fun!
  2. Remind them that getting their pictures done earlier will allow them more time to get the best images possible for them.
  3. Talk to them about variety, posing, and props.
  4. Let them know that I offer special promotions, such as seasonal mini-shoots
  5. Inform them that my goal as a photographer is to make the finished images all about the client. The image needs to tell their story. My goal is to make this the best experience they have ever had, and to give them a unique and fun experience that they will remember for a lifetime.
  6. Remember that you can also hand out our photo business cards to friends from other schools.



  1. A free session (up to a $100 dollar value) with unlimited clothing changes. Photos may be completed in or session or several sessions – this will be decided at the discretion of SMP. Several locations may be used as well. And 30% off of your senior session (at a later date).
  2. A personal album of your images to show off to your friends.
  3. Personalized photo business cards to hand out to your friends (amount of cards – to be discussed) and classmates with your name, your portraits and our business info on them.
  4. Being a rep for Sunday Morning Photography gives you the opportunity to earn discounts on your print orders for every referral. [Discounts only apply to orders completed within 2 months of your shoot.]
  5. You will receive a disk of several of the best of your pictures as low-resolution files to share on social-networking sites (these are watermarked).



1-3 referrals – 10% off of print order

4-6 referrals – 15% off of print order

7-9 referrals – 20% off of print order

9-12 referrals – 25% off of print order

13+ referrals – 30% off of print order


When your referrals book a paid session and bring in your Rep Card you will receive the above mentioned discounts according to the amount of referrals you bring us. These referrals can include anyone who books the following sessions: Senior, Newborn, Family Portraits, Weddings, etc.




You only receive credit for referrals earned before your full senior session is completed. Any referral cards used between the time your session is complete and June 1st, 2012 will be kept and you can order additional products or prints with your credits.


If you are accepted, you will be representing Sunday Morning Photography and telling your friends about our sessions throughout your senior year. Be sure to let you junior friends know also, so that they will have a chance to apply for the 2013 program.


The classmate(s) must present a referral card in order to be eligible. All referred classmates will receive 10% off of their session with a valid referral card.


If accepted, you will be required to sign a model release form.


Openings for the Senior rep program come on a first come, first serve basis. Act fast, a limited number of openings remain!


If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to call me at (231) 903.8337 or email me at


Kaylee & Deric [LOVE]

Deric and Kaylee are two of my best friends, and it is just amazing to see how happy they each make eachother. Their friendship has grown through the years and eventually grew to the love you can see in these pictures, wishing you many more years guys!

We had so much fun on this shoot, woke up early and met at our first location at 7:30 AM, but they were great sports keeping up with all the ideas, energy and craziness I was throwing their way.

Sunday Morning Photography, Documenting love – one click of the lens at a time. ❤


Filius Family, Second Shoot [FAMILY]

This is the photo documentary of my second shoot with the Filius family. Though this was another rainy day [what are the odds?] we had a lot of fun playing in the rain, and splashing in puddles. Other than wet rear ends, the rain didn’t bother us at all. We just had a fun morning shoot. I really think the rain added to the mystery of the shoot. This family is high fun, lots of laughter and silliness  like you would not believe, we had a wonderful time on this rainy Sunday morning…Hope you like the pictures!